Syphilis on the Rise in Alaska: LGBT Community Worst Hit

A recent post on Outbreak News Today seems to suggest that the number of cases of Syphilis is on the rise in Alaska, which reported and 8-fold increase in the number of cases in 2014, in comparison to 2009. From 5 reported cases in 2009, the number of cases has risen to 40 in 2014, in what is being perceived as mostly being driven by adverse sexual behavior.

The problem of Sero-sorting has been seen in this issue for a long time, which is believed to be one of the important reasons driving up the number of cases. Sero-Sorting is the phenomenon when a previously HIV-status-known person chooses to have sex with another person of similar sero-status so that they do not have to use condoms.

The reduction of the fear of HIV transmission, and the rising incidence of drug use are also seen as potent drivers of this rise in the number of cases.